On Tuesday, December 3, it was International Day of People with Disabilities. And we decided to choose this date for the inauguration of our 3D Orthotics project, which aims to help people with physical disabilities.

Orthotics 3D is a pilot project of Omni3D and Meyra Group. Our goal is to recruit people with disabilities interested in using the possibilities of industrial 3D printing and preparing test versions of printouts stabilizing or replacing the locomotor system.
First of all, we want to show that developing innovative companies can not only make changes in the technological area, but also in the social area. Until now, we have mainly supported young activists or talented students and graduates, including by helping to implement the project. However, since the possibilities allow us, we decided to expand this area.


‘We have the opportunity to influence society, help people who want to return to the labor market, or reduce the barriers that people with disabilities face. The Orthotics 3D pilot project is addressed to people struggling with the problems of the musculoskeletal system. We applied to the On / Off Foundation for help in its implementation. We have also acquired a partner in the field of consulting, i.e. the Meyra Group company. It’s important to show our partners and clients that we are a conscious company that, in addition to commercial activities, is able to share knowledge and know-who, ‘ explains Paweł Robak, CEO of Omni3D.


In our opinion, every improvement should find appropriate application to improve the quality of life. The Omni3D hopes team is looking for solutions that will affect the comfort of life and allow them to exceed the limits of existing possibilities. We are surrounded by many gadgets that arrive every day.

3D printing is increasingly used, it is known that it is used in many industries, such as automotive or aviation. However, it has no direct effect on us. The Orthotics 3D project is to easily translate into the quality of life of project participants. That is why we are grateful to everyone who has been sharing information about our program and supporting us for several days.

During the project, our company with the participation of Meyra Group consultants will realize free prototype 3D prints for three people. They will be selected after preliminary interviews and consultations, which we also plan to carry out.

Within the project, 3D corsets, 3D orthoses, rehabilitation equipment will be designed and printed.
The Orthotics 3D project will be implemented by the end of February 2020.