The beginning of the year for Omni3D is a continuation of projects inaugurated in 2019. Not only the time of summaries and accounts, but above all full activity. Today we are writing about December activities and plans.

The beginning of the year always encourages evaluation and review of activities. However, we decided that we will not succumb to this and slow down in taking further initiatives while awaiting a new chapter. We implement innovative projects co-financed from EU funds, which will definitely significantly affect solutions in selected industries. They will increase quality or reduce production costs – they will generally affect the higher efficiency of both the production referred to here and in the planning process, and then implementation, which is why we are so excited about the challenges we have taken. However, these are long-term activities.


We wondered how our company can influence others here and now, how to act responsibly during everyday tasks and responsibilities and mark our presence in small steps. Innovations should serve everyone. And thanks to active actions we can make history. This prompted us to cooperate with the On / Off Foundation as part of a project for people with physical disabilities.
The project in question, or “3D Orthotics,” was inaugurated on December 3 on the International Day of People with Disabilities. We met with great favor in sharing information about the project, for which we are very grateful. Next year, we will prepare 3D prints, namely orthoses, corsets or rehabilitation equipment for three people selected in the competition.


It’s not everything. In December, the internship project ‘START TO 3D’ started again. We are waiting for applications that will present the use of 3D printing in the automotive industry. We will provide three paid winners with a monthly paid internship. We are looking for people for whom the borders are to be crossed.

‘We will share knowledge and our know-how with open young people whose curiosity encourages us to look for new solutions. You can’t waste talents and discourage from work that can bring satisfaction and exchange of thoughts so valuable to everyone, ‘says Paweł Robak, CEO of Omni3D.


Certainly in this year we will not be missing during the most important trade fairs in Poland and abroad. Our offer includes two new printers Omni500 LITE and Factory 2.0 NET, we have significantly expanded the list of filaments and thanks to year-round research we have gained valuable experience. It is worth boasting about it. It should also be emphasized that in 2019 the Omni3D team was strengthened by many specialists.

We will continue to actively cooperate with our resellers and continue our research. We already have it in our blood.
And most importantly, as always, we will listen carefully to customer feedback and capture their needs for equipment and technologies used to meet their expectations.