October is behind us. It was an exciting month mainly due to participation in the finals of the ‘Innovation to Company’ competition in Vienna. But it is not everything. Acting globally, we do not forget about cooperation on the local market.

Competition and cooperation
On Monday, October 21, there was no shortage of emotions! The final of the ‘Innovation to Company’ competition took place at the headquarters of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. It is nice to be among a small group of innovative companies. This is another experience that will motivate us and stimulate us to new challenges. We have been appreciated for the solutions prepared for the needs of the Frauental Service company and for the specific answer that it was looking for among innovative startups in the field of industrial 3D printing, seeing it as an opportunity to increase its competitiveness.
Finally we won the second place! It must be admitted that competing in an international competition forces you to be more creative and dynamizes your work. Next year we will definitely take up the challenge again. And now we are happy that we will return to the competition project at a later stage, because we met with great interest in our solution and printers. Therefore, after the competition phase, there is a moment for cooperation.

Omni3D at the Brno trade fair
Visitors to the 61st International Machine Fair in Brno could see our new Omni500 LITE 3D printer. The Czech reseller is a reliable partner! We could not miss the most important industrial fairs in Central Europe. Every year, over 1,600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors participate in them.
On the other hand, one could meet our employees during the LUMENexpo Lighting Technology Fair and the Exhibition of Industrial Electrotechnics in Sosnowiec. During the event, we familiarized our guests with the possibilities of 3D printing. There were interesting discussions and conversations about the potential of this technology.
One of the most important events in the annual calendar of industry events is ahead of us in November, namely the Formnext Fair in Frankfurt, which we are preparing for. We will keep you updated on the details.


Omni3D at Formnext

Omni3D in the campaign ‘Włącz się’ (‘Join In’)
We constantly visit trade fairs and numerous events during which we present not only our devices to guests, but we often popularize knowledge in the field of industrial 3D printing. We show examples of printouts, share opinions and talk about the future of 3D technology. Therefore, when the On / Off Foundation came to us, we decided to help and get involved in the ‘Włącz się’ campaign, which aims to encourage employers to employ people with disabilities. Currently, after joint discussions, we are preparing for the implementation of the important project ‘Orthotics 3D’, about which we will soon reveal more details.
Innovations and changes are dictated by meeting people’s needs and realizing dreams and challenges. Someone may say that we only need so little to live by as air, water, health, shelter and food. That’s all, but for many it’s still a lot. However, this is not enough for us …