The Omni3D team are racing fans. We support racing teams of Rzeszów University of Technology and Poznań University of Technology, but this is not all. In August, we actively joined the Drone Race Poznań 2019 event, during which we presented a drone printout.

Technology is a real race, that’s why Omni3D supports racing teams, sponsors such events, prints the necessary models and parts. We recently informed about the test drives of rally teams, and today we are pleased to provide new information. The team of Rzeszów University of Technology had the fifth time among all teams participating during Formula Student in the Netherlands at the track in Assen. And the second information – drone printout shown during the Drone Race Poznań 2019 aroused a lot of interest among the participants of the competition.

“On July the 7th we arrived at TT Assen and after the competition ceremony we set up our stand where we could prepare for dynamic competition. The next day we took part in Cost and Manufacturing and Engineering Design competitions, then went to the mechanical inspection of our car. An unusual interpretation of the regulations by judges meant that this inspection was extended to the last day of the competition, so we could not take part in three dynamic events: Autocross, Skid-pad, Acceleration. We spent a lot of time in our pit-lane stand to meet the requirements set for the judges, so we took part only in the last dynamic competition, which was the highest-scoring endurance race in which we achieved very good times. It was the 5th fastest time among all teams. Ultimately, the inspection after the race showed too much loose wheel nuts, which will not allow for us to get points in this competition. In the last static competition, in business presentation we gained 40.3 points on 75 possible, ” – says the head of the team.


Currently, the crew has returned from the Czech Republic after a good start. While our team was fighting, we printed more elements for the car. Further elements printed by Omni3d arrived at the Rzeszów team – pedal covers. Let us remind you that the PRz Racing Team car already has our intake manifold and a radiator tunnel prepared for us. All elements were made of CF-PA-12 material.

Between successive starts of the racing team from Rzeszów, which we have been supporting for a long time, we decided to support the Poznań Drone Race Poznań event.

“In drones, 3D printing is used very often. Camera brackets, antennas and finally whole frames are created. Omni3D, which was the sponsor of this event, prepared a demonstration print of the drone frame from CF-PA-12 (carbon fiber filament) material. It is very stiff and durable while maintaining low weight.” – explains Paweł Robak, CEO of Omni3D.

To sum up, the drone frame, i.e. cinewhoop, was printed on a Factory 2.0 printer. Usually, such frames are used to record movies in compact and tight places or near people, because it has full protection on the propellers. The drone with all the accessories and the battery weighs only about 450g, and yet it can easily lift the GoPro camera and still remain very agile. The flight time of the drone is about 5-7 min. and its range is over 1km. The CF-PA-12 printout astonished the competitors because drones are usually made of other filaments. Our printout allows to achieve much better mechanical properties.

During the Drone Race Poznań 2019 played on the WTKKF football field in Poznań, players and spectators watched our printout with interest and then the aerial acrobatics of light, extremely fast and agile drones.

The competition took place in accordance with the current F9U regulations. Below is a short photo report.