OMNI3D with a new Managing Director

Paweł Robak took up the position of Managing Director. His transition to OMNI3D has brought a lot of positive changes to the company – a new sales strategy, expansion of the range of filaments and further development of Factory 2.0.

Paweł is a financier and manager with 20 years of experience in Poland and abroad. He has worked for Huta Aluminium Konin S.A., Wielkopolska Fabryka Mebli S.A. and Grupa Medort S.A. and was responsible for both organic growth and acquisitions. He spent the last four years in Germany, where he was the managing director at Meyra GmbH, in charge of strategy and finance.

“Thanks to the experience gained in various industries, I understand the needs of the business customer. Increased productivity, higher profitability and quicker satisfaction of end-customer needs are elements that combine both the needs of our customers and our owners. For this reason, at the request of the Speed ​​Up Innovation Fund, I decided to support the further development of OMNI3D, which needs further impulses, a new strategy and its implementation after an initial development phase. The new approach offers each customer added value, as the production and sale of 3D printers are just tools to achieve this. The use of 3D printing to produce tooling, prototyping and the production of short series of personalised products can improve the efficiency of operations and bring enormous savings to any industrial business,” comments Paweł Robak, CEO, OMNI3D.

Konrad Sierzputowski, founder of OMNI3D, former CO-CEO, leaves the company, which, he declares, will be in good hands. Konrad is going to devote his time to develop other businesses, that require more involvement.