This week the premiere of the car of the Poznan University of Technology team, and more precisely PUT Motorsport. And recently, on June 24th, at the track in Torun, tests of an upgraded rally car of the Rzeszów University of Technology team were held, with which our company has been cooperating since May last year.

At the beginning of July, the Poznan University of Technology team presented the race car. We couldn’t have missed this premiere show. This is the 5th version of the car. The Omni3D has provided elements of the front spoiler aerodynamic package for this model.

PUT Motosport racing car


PUT Motosport racing car


The printouts were created on the Factory 2.0 Production System printer from the CF-PA12 filament, which is characterized by high thermal resistance and durability. Our prints are final elements of the construction, the car in action can be seen on the video.

Premiera bolidu w Poznaniu

Premiera bolidu wyścigowego zespołu PUT Motorsport.- – -The premiere of the racing car of PUT Motorsport.

Gepostet von Omni3D – Industrial 3D printers am Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019

                               The premiere of a race car on the track in Poznań

We must not forget about the team with which we have been cooperating for a year. Recently, on June 24th, on the track in Torun, tests of the upgraded PMT-02 F1 car of the team from the PRZ Racing Team from Rzeszów took place. Omni3D has been cooperating with the team from Rzeszów since May 2018. The race car in the last year has undergone many modifications to achieve even better results. Recent tests in Torun have confirmed it. It’s indeed faster! We keep our fingers crossed for this year’s stars. Team leader Bartosz Zachara speaks about the details.

The PMT-02 car is an 80 hp Formula Student car that weighs only 233 kg and reaches 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The project was implemented and made by students of the Rzeszów University of Technology with the cooperation and commitment of many companies. Omni3D produced printouts of elements with complex geometry and specific requirements.

Since winning the second place in the combustion class in 2018 during the Formula Student Andorra competition, the car has undergone a series of modifications. Their goal is to gain further achievements by the crew during this year’s edition of the competition. The vehicle gained a full aerodynamic package that increases the downforce and improved suspension geometry, which will make the car even faster. In addition, the corrections in the propulsion system allowed to generate a higher torque, which will also improve the driving characteristics of the vehicle. – Bartosz Zachara, team leader.

                                                          Racing car tests

We will definitely inform about the results of the teams. Good luck in competitions!