Functional prototype

Hussarya 33 car’s front lamp

A functioning car lamp made from 3D printed elements

OMNI3D with the Arrinera Technology supercar manufacturer and OE industry have created a functional prototype of the car’s front lamp.


3D printing in FFF technology is primarily used in prototyping for the rapid production of design variants, which are then verified at real scale and streamlined. The project carried out by the three Polish partners demonstrates how FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology is also excellent at the final stage of prototyping, which is to produce a fully functional, efficient model. The object does not differ visually from the module that will be produced in the future in the serial production process.

A supercar lamp printed in 3D3D printing is a great method in this type of project, mainly due to the completion time for individual components, high accuracy, low materialcost, low waste of materials and ease of material processing.

Supercar lamp element printed on Factory 2.0Ease of processing is a very important feature in the production of functional prototypes. In this project, all parts were printed from ABS-42, which allowed easy post-production and the freedom of prototype finishing. In the case of the lamp, the surface was first lightly polished, then it was painted with a primer and then painted.

One of the parts – the trifunctional lamp housing – was also tested for dimensional accuracy using the MICRON 3D scanner, which was selected for its high accuracy. The scanner uses green light, which is three times more accurate than the commonly used white light. The measurement results were 30% better than the assumed accuracy of 0.3 mm.

Print specification

LAYER0.2 mm


OE industry supplies components for the automotive and other industries. The products supplied are used for the first mounting and as high quality spare parts. The company offers individual components as well as complete engineering solutions in the field of lighting systems, cooling and air conditioning.

Arrinera S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of sports cars. The newest racing car Arrinera Hussarya GT can now be pre-ordered and its specification is available on the manufacturer’s website – Arrinera Technology S.A. specialises in the development of new technologies related to electronics, active aerodynamics and composites that are used in the Arrinera Hussarya supercar.