OMNI3D industrial 3D printing solutions are now available from 3YOURMIND! Customers of the digital platform can outsource the 3D printing of their projects to the Polish 3D printer producer.

3YOURMIND is an innovative digital platform on which customers who do not have their own 3D printers can safely and quickly take advantage of 3D printing technology. 3YOURMIND integrates 3D printing suppliers. 3D printing data can be sent to a selected supplier, who will carry out the 3D printing professionally. OMNI3D is now among the companies cooperating with 3YOURMIND.

OMNI3D is a producer of industrial 3D printers in FFF technology that offer unique precision and repeatability of prints. The company provides 3D printing services on its own machines, thanks to which it has the ability to create large prints from durable polymers. OMNI3D customers include companies from the automotive, aviation, steel, industrial design and industrial automation sectors. The presence of OMNI3D on the 3YOURMIND platform makes it even easier access for customers to obtain high-precision 3D prints with industrial quality.

3D printing orders can be made on the 3YOURMIND platform. After preparing the file and comparing offers from suppliers, the customer orders a 3D print from the company of its choice.