Car mirror housing – light & durable

Car mirror casing printed on Factory 2.0

Weight reduction by 53%!

In the automotive industry weight is one of the most important aspects. Arrinera Technology S.A. (producer of sports cars) was looking for the best solution to produce car parts that are durable and, at the same time, as light as possible.

‘Parts printed in 3D on the Factory 2.0 Production System meet all of our requirements – both in terms of strength, dimensional accuracy, turnaround time and weight loss. Many elements are installed in the car as final products.’

Łukasz Tomkiewicz, Managing Director, Arrinera Automotive S.A.

Comparison of production methods

(traditional methods)
(FFF 3D printing)
WEIGHT525 g247 g53% (278 g)


The company commissioned the printing of many various car parts to OMNI3D. OMNI3D is the Polish manufacturer of the industrial 3D printer Factory Production System 2.0, and since 2016 has been offering 3D printing-on-demand services.

Arrinera car

‘We opened the Printroom as a result of observing market needs. Many of our customers before making a final purchase decision about Factory 2.0, asks us for test prints. Others, like Arrinera don’t want to invest in their own machine, but still need professional 3D prints. There are also companies that have big needs for 3D printing, but prefer to trust experienced 3D printing technologists from our company,’ adds Krzysztof Kardach – Chief Technologist, OMNI3D.

The mirror was printed with ABS-42 filament, on 0.2 mm layer. It took only 16 hours to produce a part, which after proper post-processing can be used as a final product in the Arrinera’s sport car.

3D print specification

INDUSTRYAutomotive Industry
CLIENTArrinera Automotive S.A.
MATERIALABS-42 (model), HIPS-20 (support)
LAYER0.2 mm