3D printing in other industries

Use 3D printing for your business to gain:

  • Fast and accurate prototyping
  • Easy production of large components
  • Manufacturing parts for machines and production lines

The list of uses for 3D printers is constantly increasing. In addition to the design, automotive, medical and architecture sectors, 3D printing is used in the engineering, defence, aviation, construction and food sectors, where printing of individual parts and assemblies is possible. It also optimises the cost and time of production line improvements.

3D printing as an addictive technology uses only as much material as is needed to create a model, and only support material is lost. It is a great tool for creating complex designs, complementing traditional manufacturing methods. The Factory 2.0 Production System 3D printer uses two heads to create very complex shapes using the HIPS-20 support material.

Lighter, durable and cheap components – this is what 3D printing guarantees today. Reducing weight and cost while maintaining high strength and precision is making more and more people in industry see the future of this technology. Replacing some metal parts with plastic ones, faster prototyping, spare parts production, personalised prints that improve ergonomics and ultimately final products without the need for surface treatment – these are just some of the most demanding 3D printing applications.

Case Studies