Applications of industrial 3D printing


  • Reduction of the product lead time
  • Lower cost of prototyping
  • Quick improvements to successive variants

The sooner you find errors in your project, the less time and money you spend on modifying it at the next stages of production. Prototyping with 3D printing gives your company the freedom to test projects as often as possible, improving them as often as necessary – better than in traditional ways of prototyping.


  • Reduction of the cost of manufacturing tooling
  • Quick access to cheap spare parts
  • Full personalisation of projects

If you choose traditional production methods, you are limited by standards, costs and time. 3D printing is a non-standard solution where the price of a product does not change according to the number or type of items produced. New versions of tools can be ready the second day after commission printing.

Final Products

  • Full design personalisation and design freedom
  • Optimisation of production time and the cost of individual models
  • Savings during the production of short series

3D printing is applicable wherever one or more models are needed. The Factory 2.0 Production System 3D printer reduces production time and costs, produces the most complex models, and enables large prints (up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm) or around a dozen smaller ones at a time.

Case Studies