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Why is it worthwhile cooperating with us? We have a large Factory 2.0 Production System industrial 3D printer for printing from ABS and a number of other industrial polymers. It is an industrial machine, unrivalled in its niche, which has been appreciated by customers in 14 countries. For our resellers, we offer training and technical support.

If you want to see where we are, check out our map. Are you interested in our offer? Contact one of our specialists who will answer all your questions and offer you convenient terms of cooperation.

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Requirements for becoming an Authorised Omni3D Reseller:

  • You employ full-time sales and technical personnel
  • You actively promote Omni3D products
  • You have an office of an appropriate space
  • You will have at least one Omni3D machine for presentation purposes
  • You will offer your customers implementation, installation and training concerning all Omni3D products
  • You will handle maintenance and service