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Why choose 3D printing with OMNI3D?

Our speciality is low-cost production, prototyping and production of spare parts, tools and tooling. OMNI3D Printroom clients are professionals representing the automotive, engineering, aviation and food industries.

Our offer includes printing first versions of prototypes and fully functional final parts to optimise the time and cost of your business.

We print with FFF technology on Factory 2.0 Production System industrial machines. The screwdriver ensures the high precision and reproducibility of prints, while the heated chamber and 500 x 500 x 500 mm printable surface makes it possible to produce large models of the most durable polymers such as ABS-42 or PA-6/66 HD (nylon).

Our projects

See examples of our work. With 3D printing, you can reduce the cost of producing small series, gain time on producing spare parts and innovate through improved prototyping.


Learn about our filaments. These are the same materials that are used in traditional production techniques. Our printer is compatible with: ABS-42, ASA-39, PC-ABS-47, PET-G-32, HIPS-20, PET-G-32 ESD and PA-6/66 HD.


A popular material with great versatility.


A filament with UV resistance.


A material resistant to high temperatures.

PA-6/66 HD

Nylon with high tensile strength.

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