Creating prototypes in 3D

Why use 3D printing in prototyping?

  • Reduces product lead time
  • Reduces the cost of prototyping
  • Provides quick improvements to successive variants

Prototyping with a 3D printer

The sooner you find errors in your project, the less time and money you spend on modifying it at the next stages of production. Prototyping with 3D printing gives your company the freedom to test projects as often as possible, improving them as often as necessary – better than in traditional ways of prototyping.

Accelerate product implementation

The first part of your work with the Factory 2.0 3D printer will be rapid prototyping, which optimises your product launch by allowing you to test the model at every stage of your work. It is cheaper and faster than changing the technology or production line later to fix the problems. Printing a prototype in 3D takes a matter of hours. After this, you can correct the design, detect and repair all the faults and reprint the model. The cost of a prototype is much lower than with standard methods, and there are no limits on the number of models. Do you want to test a project before starting production once? Twice? Or maybe a dozen times? 3D printing gives you full flexibility.

Order a sample print

Check out the capabilities of our 3D printers by ordering a trial print of your prototype.

Test your design and make it the best

And what if you want to perform functional tests with users in real conditions or present your ideas to investors? 3D printing allows you to quickly create a full-featured prototype, and as it will be printed from durable materials, there is nothing to prevent the model from being tested for a while and then improving its design until it is as functional as possible. You will reduce errors and learn the opinions of users. Importantly, prototyping does not have to be outsourced. Having your own 3D printer means you retain the know-how inside your organisation. Projects are accessible only to your employees.

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