Final products in 3D printing

Why use 3D printing in creating final products?

  • Full design personalisation and design freedom
  • Optimisation of production time and the cost of individual models
  • Savings during the production of short series

Any number of prints

3D printing is applicable wherever one or more models are needed. The Factory 2.0 Production System 3D printer reduces production time and costs, produces the most complex models, and enables large prints (up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm) or around a dozen smaller ones at a time.

Take advantage of the wide range of collaboration possibilities

Durability and speed

Elements printed in 3D in FFF technology – due to the materials used – are characterised by high mechanical strength, quality of finish and precision. They can be antistatic, sterilisable or flexible and resilient. In 3D printing, you have the opportunity to create the most personalised, individual and advanced projects. A single print in additive manufacturing does not involve high costs. All you need is a computer project. Are corrections necessary? Enter them into the project – in a short time another print will be ready and you will get the final item you need.

A short production series – and no increase in costs

In traditional manufacturing, the price of production varies depending on the number of elements. It is also difficult to produce several versions of the same final product, because each change needs a new form. There are no such restrictions in 3D printing. The production of short series are cost effective because the price per unit is always the same – whether you print two, ten or ninety models. Importantly, Factory 2.0 from OMNI3D offers a stable, fully reproducible print. Since the work area is half a metre in each axis, you have the ability to print multiple items in one process. This is a great saving of your time!

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