3D Print Gallery

Our specialty is 3D printing in FFF technology. All the following prints were made on the Polish 3D industrial printer – Factory 2.0 Production System. The machine has a working area approximately 500 x 500 x 500 mm and enclosed and heated chamber. Those two features make it possible to create large prints from industrial polymers while retaining the best possible reflection of the 3D model.

We print fully functional prototypes as well as spare parts, final parts and tooling.

The materials we use include: ABS-42 (high strength), ASA-39 (UV resistance), PC-ABS-47 (high temperature resistance), PET-G-32 (contact with food), HIPS-20 (support material), PET-G-32 ESD (antistatic) and PA-6/66 HD (elastic nylon).

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